The Condorcet winner is the candidate that is preferred to all other candidates in pairwise comparison. Notice that there are elections for which no Condorcet winner exists (cf. "Concorcet paradox").


There are elections with cyclic preferences for which no Condorcet winner exists. The preferences regarding the primary fruit in the salad below are such an interesting case.

1: apple > banana > cherry 2: banana > cherry > apple 3: cherry > apple > banana

Try to evaluate "Condorcet" on this example.
Now try to modify the profile such that there is a Condorcet winner.

Try also evaluating the Dodgson and Young rule on this election. What do you observe?

Note: If there is a Condorcet winner, you will find in the output of the solver several atoms of the form preferCount(C1,C2,N). This means that candidate C1 is preferred over C2 in N votes.

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